Studietrust Bursaries for 2012 (NB!! applications closing soon)

One of South Africa’s oldest bursary NGO’s, Studietrust, has just announced that its bursary application process for undergraduate bursaries for study in 2012 is closing soon (30 September 2011).

Studietrust offers access bursaries and sponsored bursaries. Access bursaries are usually partial bursaries covering only a limited amount of the university costs. Sponsored bursaries may cover all fees, including books, tuition, travel and other fees, where applicable.

All students or prospective students applying for any bursary at Studietrust will be considered for all bursaries on offer- if they qualify. Therefore, this means one needs only one application form to apply for all bursaries they qualify for at Studietrust.

These are the kinds of ACCESS (PARTIAL) bursaries available:

◊ School bursaries (Grades 9-12)

◊ Agricultural College bursaries

◊ FET College bursaries

◊ University of Technology bursaries

◊ University bursaries


Studietrust bursaries cover a range of study fields including the following:

• Agriculture, Horticulture, Nature Conservation

• Building and Construction

• Chemistry (Science)

• Commerce (Accounting, Banking, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Management, Internal Auditing, etc)

• Education

• Engineering – all programmes

• Environmental Health

• Information Technology

• Logistics

• Marketing

• Office Management and Technology

• Public Management / Relations

• Town & Regional Planning

• Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Food Services


Studietrust’s sponsored bursaries are funded by a number of organisations which set their own requirements. This kind of bursaries are awarded based on, according to Studietrust, “academic merit, financial need and according to the sponsors requirements”.

The following companies currently sponsor bursaries at Studietrust:

1. AVI

2. First National Bank (FNB)

3. Coronation Fund Managers

4. Pick ‘n Pay

5. Sasol Inzalo Foundation

6. Sun International SCD Trust

7. Investec Specialist Bank

8. Peregrine


Though the request for application forms closes on 31 August 2011, the application forms can be downloaded and forwarded to Studietrust before 30 September 2011 for study in 2012.

Download the Sasol Inzalo Bursary Application Form for 2012 here:

Download the Investec Specialist Bank bursary application form for 2012 here:

Download the Sun International SCD Trust bursary application form for 2012 here:

And for all general applications Download the Studietrust Bursary Application form for 2012 here:

All completed forms should be returned to Studietrust NO LATER than 30 September on the following postal address:

The National Director


P.O. Box 29192




For any further information Studietrust can be accessed on:



Tel: 011 726 5604


Goodluck. The Bursary Bin.

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  1. I would like to have more info about scholarship/bursarie in Hospitality She got 1 Distiction in some of Her Subjects now I could not afford to Her further in Her tution

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