Murray and Roberts in-service training opportunities


Murray and Roberts invites suitable candidates who needs to complete an in-service training for their qualification to apply for a place on their in-service training programme. There are only 8 positions on the programme.

The contract to the company is only for the year of which the in-service training is required for and does not continue thereafter. In-service training students can be considered for bursaries after completion of their in-service training, but this is at the sole discretion of the company and will largely depend on the business need. In-service training students will be placed out on site where their skills are required and this can be anywhere in South Africa, therefore relocation is possible.

What are the requirements?

-You must have completed 1st year of theory or all theory
-In need of a full year in-service training experience
-South African / permanent residents
-60 – 65% average for all subjects

Which fields are included?

Expand Civil Engineering (1) Civil Engineering (1)
Expand Construction Management (1) Construction Management (1)
Expand Electical Engineering (1) Electical Engineering (1)
Expand Industrial Engineering (1) Industrial Engineering (1)
Expand Mechanical Engineering (1) Mechanical Engineering (1)
Expand Mining Engineering (1) Mining Engineering (1)
Expand Quantity Surveying (1) Quantity Surveying (1)
Expand Metallurgical Engineering (1) Metallurgical Engineering (1)

The closing date is 8 June 2012.

TO APPLY CLICK HERE and click on In-service Training and click on your desired position.


18 Replies to “Murray and Roberts in-service training opportunities”

  1. I’m a student at Thswane university of technology, I’m studing industrial engineering. This is my second year and in 2013 june I will be done with my theorical sudjects. Can u please assint me with inservice training for 2013 June.

  2. Hi Patricia, please be on the look out for the Murray an Roberts in-service training adverts here on the Bursary Bin next year around end-of-May. Please also look out for similar in-service training opportunities from other companies advertised on this website and follow the instructions to apply.

  3. I am a student at Central University of Technology, I will be completing my second year of theory by the end of this year, so can you please assist me with the in-service training next year.

  4. I’m calvin Monene, seekin training( P1 & P2), i’m currently doing My semester 4 at Vaal University of Technology, towards National Diploma in Industrial Engineering, i would like to be part of Murray & Roberts group….

  5. Hi I’m a 21 year old UNISA student, I’m doing my second year in Mining Engineering. I am looking for in-service training for a period of 12 months in the year 2014.

  6. Hello I’m Kholofelo a female 21 years of age studying second year @ Vaal University of Technology in need of an inservice training for the year 2014,Can you please help.

  7. Hi. Im a 21 year old female who just cmpleted s4 in chemical engineering and in need of inservice training. Im a very hard worker and eager to learn and gain mo knowledge. I love working with people. Your urgent responce will be highly appreciated.

  8. Am 24 currently working for Murray and Roberts at tautona mine….im on a mining services in a diomond drilling assisstnt….i would like a hydrolic fitter…please help me to Perdue my dreams

  9. Iam a Tshwane University of Technology student, completed my theory for the national diploma in geology since 2011 left wiht inservice training to graduate.Iam a hardwork, self-motivate good in team working and working under pressure. Would you please assist me and make me be part of your inservice training programmes.

  10. I have just completed my N6 certificate in chemical engineering,i need a inservice training in order to qualify for national n diploma.please assist me I need this inservice training

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