Gijima Recruitment Internship

Gijima’s Human capital division requires 4 Recruitment interns.  We pride in ourselves in giving a chosen few individuals the opportunity to experience the sales and recruitment environment head-on.  During our 3 month internship, we cover all basic principles of recruitment and  professionalism in the corporate environment.  We equip you with the necessary skills to be very successful.

Recruitment is one of the most difficult careers, in the sense that requires a lot of resilience, a sense of urgency, combined with a cleaver out-of-the box approach.  So we need the right personality!

So if you have;
•    Graduated with a degree from one of South Africa’s universities
•    Have a go-getter attitude,
•    A healthy competitive streak
•    Sense of urgency to complete tasks
•    Not afraid to interact with various people or get on the phone and make the necessary call.
•    And if you have a burning desire to equip yourself with the ability to make a lot of money…

Then this position could be with you!


Closing Date: 5 April 2013

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