Local Government SETA (LGSETA) Bursaries

The Local Government SETA (LGSETA) is inviting applications from South African youth between 18 and 35 years who are currently studying or intend studying towards a any qualification relevant its list of scarce skills and focus areas (see tables below). Candidates can either be unemployed or employed.

Read these notes carefully before completing the application form. Make sure that you read every section and that the information you provide is accurate.

  1. INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (this includes forms with missing documents)
  2. The LGSETA does not take responsibility and will not be held liable for any forms which were undelivered or missing.
  3. Student who are granted a bursary from another organisation/institution are obliged to inform the LGSETA. The LGSETA have the right to withdraw funding awarded if the student receives a bursary elsewhere.
  4. The LGSETA bursary is annual award, therefore students will be required to re-apply annually to LGSETA.
  5. Non South African students will not be considered.
  6. The student must meet the entry requirements for the programme as required by the HET or TVET Institution. The qualification must be accredited on the NQF/N Levels.
  7. The LGSETA will only fund a course which falls within the scarce and critical skills areas in Local Government see Table 1 and 2 below:

           Table 1:


OFO Code

LGSETA Scarce and Critical Skills


121101 Chief Financial Officer
121104 Internal Audit Manager
121301 Policy and Planning Manager
121905 Project Manager
132301 Construction Project Manager
213306 Water Quality Technician
214201 Civil Engineer
214202 Civil Engineering Technologist
216401 Urban and Regional Planner
241101 Accountant (General)
242207 Compliance Officer (Risk Officer)
242211 Internal Auditor
311201 Civil Engineering Technician
311203 Town Planning Technician
313201 Water Plant Operator
312301 Building Construction Supervisor
325802 Paramedic
331301 Finance Clerk/Administrator
341110 Legal Advisor/Officer
341201 Community Development Worker
351302 GIS Specialist
541101 Fire Fighter
642601 Plumber (General)
671101 Electrician (General)

Table 2

According to Chapter 14 – Schedule 4B of the South African Constitution, the general provisions of local government are as follows:
1 Air pollution
2 Building regulations
3 Child care facilities
4 Electricity and gas reticulation
5 Firefighting services
6 Local tourism
7 Municipal airports
8 Municipal planning
9 Municipal health services
10 Municipal public transport
11 Municipal public works only in respect of the needs of municipalities in the discharge of their responsibilities to administer functions specifically assigned to them under this Constitutional or any other law
12 Pontoons, ferries, jetties, piers and harbours, excluding the regulation of international and national shipping and matters related thereto
13 Storm water management systems in built-up areas
14 Trading regulations
15 Water and sanitation services limited to potable water supply systems and domestic waste-water and sewage disposal systems

Completed application forms (which can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE) with the attachments should be submitted to: LGSETA, 47 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview, 2007 or emailed to Bursaryapp@lgseta.org.za. All submissions MUST be clearly marked for the attention of LGSETA Bursaries.

Closing date for applications is 31 May 2016

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