Department of Higher Education 2018/19 Internships

The Department of Higher Education and Training invites South African unemployed graduates who are between the ages of 18-35 to apply for the 2018/19 Internship Programme. APPLICATIONS: Please forward your application, quoting the Reference Number to: The Director-General, Department of Higher Education and Training, Private Bag: X174, Pretoria, 0001 or hand deliver at: 123 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria at the Reception area. Successful candidates will receive a stipend of R5 353.78 per month.

CLOSING DATE: 02 February 2018, Time: 16h00.

CONDITIONS: Applications must be submitted on a Z83 form obtainable from any Public Service Department and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualifications and Identity Document. Candidates must not have previously served as Interns in the Public Service. Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates only and applications received after the closing date or faxed or emailed, will not be considered.

( Ms Nokwanda Khoza 012 312 5192 or Mr Walter Makgoale 012 312 5760 or Ms Mashudu Managa 012 312 5805 or Mr M Rooi 012 312 5125

Graduates from TVET Colleges and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.




Development Support, Public Entities

·       Assists with coordination and monitoring of funded


·       Serve as a secretary for projects meetings

·       Compile submissions , Reports and Memos

·       Assist with oversight, Monitoring & Evaluating and compliance reports

·       Assist in compiling and analysing financial reports.

N Dip/Degree: Administration, Financial Management ,

Development Studies, Accounting



Office of the CFO

·       Assist with preparations of financial reports on

Departmental Development fund.

·       Generic front office management and reception services, filing, records management and administrative functions.

·       Perform ad-hoc duties as maybe delegated from time to time in the directorate

N Dip/B.Com: Office Management or Filling,

Administration, Accounting.

Compliance, Internal Audit

·       Assist with planning and execute audits

·       Assist with the design of audit programmes

·       Assist with compliance verification/testing and monitoring.

·       Assist with performing ad-hoc tasks relevant to compliance.

N Dip/Degree/ Compliance, Internal Auditing CFO/2018/03
Financial Services

·       Capturing journals on BAS

·       Processing PTMS on PERSAL System and BAS

·       Processing of expenditure transactions; processing of debts transactions; Payroll management; Cash flow and budgeting

·       Provide financial and administrative support to projects.

N Dip/ Degree/ Finance with Accounting, CFO/2018/04
Supply Chain Management, Assets Management

·       Sourcing of price quotation

·       Processing of orders and payments

·       Filling of Supply Chain Management documents

·       Ordering, Travel and Accommodation, Logistics, Transit, Receiving of requisitions, selecting suppliers from CSD (Central Supplier Database).

N Dip/Degree: Logistics, Purchasing Management,

Public Admin, Supply Chain, Asset Management, Finance





Policy & Strategy

Research Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

·       Desktop Research, Report Writing, Recording Minutes and Management of research projects

·       Logistical Planning,  Secretarial Support and

Administrative Support

·       Conduct internet researches

·       Undertake literature reviews

Master’s Degree: Social Sciences (Education),

N Dip/Degree: Public Admin

Career Development Services and Open Learning

·       Assist with the maintenance of various CDS projects budget

·       Assist with analysis of  financial information for CDS

·       Assist with the management of CDS assets

·       Assist with the development of APP’s for Career

Development Services and Open Learning.

N Dip/Degree: Financial Management, Auditing P/2018/07
System Monitoring & Economic Analysis

·       Provide Office Administration

·       Provide secretariat services

Degree: Economics, Econometrics, Statistics &


Legal and Legislative Service  for Education Institutions

·       Provide logistical support to meetings, compile agenda, take minutes and arranging refreshments

·       Assist with legal advisory services, drafting of legal documents and legal research

Degree: LLB P/2018/09
Information System Coordination

·       Manage small projects and assist with development of information standard

·       Provide secretariat services in the directorate meetings

·       Perform ad-hoc duties as maybe delegated from time to time in the directorate

N Dip/ Bachelor’s Degree: Public/Admin/Office

Management, Public Admin

Global Partnership, African Middle East

·       Assist with the necessary logistical and programmatic preparations to receive and host local and international guests

·       Perform general tasks as and when requested by the

Deputy Director and Assistant Director

·       Assist the personal assistant with ensuring the Director’s

office operations are carried out efficiently

BA Degree/BA Hon. International Relations or major in


Strategic Coordination & Secretarial Support, Social Inclusion &


·       Assist in the development and compilation of the department annual performance plan

·       Assist in collation of strategic and performance inputs from Branches

·       Assist with facilitation provisioning of stationary and office equipment

N Dip/BA Degree: Management Assistant or Admin,

Public Admin



University Education

Financial and Physical Planning

·       Assist in one or more of the sections dealing with earmarked grants i.e. infrastructure, clinical training , vat

science, HDI development grant

·       Assist with the evaluation of clinical training grants reports from universities

·       Assist with submissions to release funds

N Dip/BA Degree: Accounting, Public Finance, Infrastructure UE/2018/13
Office of the DDG

·       Provide administrative support in the office of the DDG, including the following:

–        Conduct research on the HE System

–        Support various research projects

–        Report writing and develop briefings

Honours Degree: Arts, Social Science , Education UE/2018/14
Private Higher Education Institutions

·       Information Management

·       Production of Certificates.

·       Evaluation and annual reports

N Dip/Degree: Management, Economic, Social


Teaching &Leaning Development and Teaching Qualification &


·       Capturing registration information into a relevant database

·       Sorting evaluated qualification in alpha numerical order

·       Arranging travelling and accommodation for the manager

N Dip/Bachelor’s Degree: Business or Office Admin,

Public Admin




TVET Infrastructure Development Programme

·       Project Support, Prepare for meetings, Review Reports, Compile Reports, Office Support, Filling, Record Keeping, Writing Minutes

N Dip/Degree: Project Management TVET/2018/17
Financial Planning

·       Budget planning , Management, Monitoring and


·       Financial statement analysis and reporting

·       Funding norms development and implementation

·       Assist with the management of data collection processes

·       Develop and analyse data and compile reports

·       Assist with the management of the cash flow statements of the Directorate

·       Assist with the processing of S&T and cell phone claims. Financial Accounting, Economics


Planning and Institutional Support

·       Administer and monitor the directorate’s financial

system in line with the Department financial system in order to ensure that the directorate finances are maintained in an accurate and timely manner

·       Provide office administration support to the Directorate, including filing, tracking and processing of documents

and correspondence.

·       Organise and Coordinate meetings, conferences and travel arrangements.

N Dip/Bach Degree: Public Admin, Financial


Public TVET Colleges

·       Database management for the Chief Directorate

·       Compile and submit travel claims, cell phone claims, subsistence and travel claims.

·       Assist with the management of the filling system of the Directorate and retrieval of document as and when required

·       Provide administrative support to the Directorate in order to ensure that the Directorate’s administrative functions are performed well.

N Dip/Degree/Bach: Public Admin, Management,

Database Management, Business Studies





Communication and Media Liaison and Call Centre & Clients


·       Respond to enquiries/queries through Call Centre, fax and email.

·       Assist to manage DHET social media platform

·       Office administration ( i.e. Couriering Branding bookings for travelling’s, Procuring stationary,  procuring communication equipment , Procuring Branding.

·       Assist with the monitoring of internal communication platforms (i.e. notice board monitoring)

N Dip/Degree: Communications, Public Relations,

Graphic Design, Journalism, Marketing Management

Government Information Technology Office

·       Provide transversal system (BAS, PERSAL and LOGIS)


·       Assist in the administration of the entire Microsoft network environment

·        Installation and maintenance of network infrastructure and software

N Dip/Degree: IT, BSc, Computer Science CS/2018/22
Facilities Management and Logistics Services

·       Assist with the management of transport, GG vehicles and other facilities management duties

·       Render effective and efficient registry services

·       Payment of private and state owned  and municipal services

·       Prepare document and files for filing including opening and closing of files

N Dip/Degree: Facilities, Property Management, Public

Management, Project Management

Human Resource Administration ,Management &


·       Assist with the coordination of Recruitment and

Selection processes i.e. capturing applications, shortlisting and interviews.

·       Assist with capturing of information on the PERSAL SYSTEM

·       Assist in coordinating Internship, Security Learnership

and WIL Programme

N Dip/Degree: Human Resource Management &

Development, Public Administration, Records/Office


  ·       Capturing of performance management forms on both

PERSAL System and Departmental spread sheet e.g. (Performance agreement , Quarterly reviews and Annual Assessments

·       Assist with the bursary audit process and capturing of applications on database

·       Quality checking of all PMDS documents to ensure compliance with Departmental PMDS Policy for employees

·       Assist with administration and coordination of  Skills

Development unit

Labour Relations & Wellness

·       Assist with counselling and referrals

·       Assist with advocacy of EHW programmes and services

·       Assist with the Psycho-Social Intervention

·       Assist with handling of grievances and misconduct

·       Assist with coordination of collective bargaining and negotiations

N Dip/Degree/B Tech: Labour Relations, laws, Office

Admin / Secretarial, Psychology/ Wellness

Office of the Director-General/ Deputy Director General:

CS/Chief Director HRM&D

·       Risk Management or fraud Prevention activities, Secretarial function of the risk Management committee

and administration support

·       Generic front office management and reception services, filing, records management and other ad-hoc administrative functions.

·       Handling of confidential documents and Responding to enquiries.

·       Assist with incoming and outgoing of correspondence

·       Scan files and Hyperlinking of documents.

·       Administrative support

N Dip/Degree: Public/Admin/Office Management,

Management Assistant,  Risk Management, Auditing/ Accounting/ Forensic Auditing





National Skills Fund/Work Integrated Learning

·       Assisting managers with projects administration

·       Assisting Directorates with office administration duties

·       Sorting of data from SETAs, UoT’s and TVET

·       Managing the incoming and outgoing of data to stakeholders.

·       Assisting with compilation of claims

·       Assist to design relevant audit procedures for planned audits.

·       Assisting with execution of audits as per the internal audit plan, in accordance with internal audit methodology and International Standards of Internal


·       Assist with the conducting of legal research and provide legal advice including drafting legal opinions

·       Assist with ensuring compliance to risk management policies, procedures and systems

·       Update the risk register, compliance report and central litigation and investment register.

·       Assist with maintaining of accurate weekly timesheets and monitoring hours spend against available budget and provide regular reports.

N Dip/Degree: Public/Office/Admin Management,

Project/Financial Management, Information

Technology, Legal Assistance, Communication, Public

Relation, Data Capture, Supply Chain Management, Auditing, Management Assistant, Research

National Skills Authority

·       Assist with the marketing and communication strategies

·       Coordinate NSA advocacy activities

·       Assist with the management of Social Media Platforms.

·       Assist with the coordination of NSA events

N Dip/Honours Degree: Information System,






Institutional Development Support, Programme Curriculum,

Development and Assessment

·       Assist with the monitoring and report on CD Budget

·       Arrange, prepare for and record proceedings of meetings

·       Assist with procurement and logistics

N Dip/Degree: Office Management/Administration CET/2018/29
Regional offices and Colleges (E Cape, N Cape, W Cape, N W,

Mpumalanga, Limpopo, F S, KZN & Gauteng).

·       Office management and administration support

·       Assist the CETC directorate with distribution, collection and capturing of annual and snap surveys.

·       Assist the CET directorate procurement matters

N Dip/Degree: Public/Office Administration, Human

Resources Management, Finance, Town Planning/Quantity Surveying, Information Management, IT Specialist, Accounting, Data Management, Management Assistant.

  ·       Assist with making travelling arrangements

·       Assist in the administration of the entire Microsoft network environment

·        Installation and maintenance of network infrastructure

and software

·       Assist with preparations for financial reports

·       Processing of expenditure transactions; processing of debts transactions;


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