Sappi SA – Analytical Chemistry Internship

Through this internship, the successful candidate will be presented with an opportunity to acquire and develop essential skills, experience and competencies relevant to this field. The chosen intern will also be responsible for supporting business operations with various tasks and responsibilities within the intern programme.

The Analytical Chemistry Intern will be reporting to the SHEQ Superintendent and stationed in Sappi SA’s Stanger Mill.

The incumbent’s primary tasks and responsibilities will include the following:

  • Provide assistance in chemical preparation
  • Provide support with verification and calibration of instrumentation
  • Conduct routine analyses as needed

What are the requirements?

Only applicants who meet the programme’s minimum eligibility requirements will be considered for the position:

  • Must have completed all Analytical Chemistry theoretical modules with P1 and P2 the only subjects needed to graduate
  • Must be knowledgeable in the use of computers, particularly with Microsoft Office applications
  • Working experience not a requirement

What is the selection process?

Sappi SA employs a straight-forward and effective selection process when screening applicants for either internships or full-time positions.

  • Applicants able to meet the basic requisites are shortlisted by a line manager and the HR department
  • Interview invitations are sent to the qualified applicants
  • The interview is conducted with the HR and line manager present. The most suitable applicants are chosen based on the interview and CV
  • When needed, assessments are done to determine skill gaps or suitability for the job prior to potential employment
  • The line manager reviews the assessment results along with recommendations
  • An offer is made to the best candidate
  • The successful candidate will accomplish the required paperwork and will receive a start date upon accepting the offer

How do I apply?

To apply for the Sappi SA Analytical Chemistry Internship CLICK HERE

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