SERR Synergy SA SETA Accredited Training Services and Learnership Programmes

SERR Synergy offers generic and industry-specific learnership programmes that are specially designed for business organizations looking to qualify for more SETA funding and learnership tax rebates as well as companies interested in maximizing BEE points and be eligible for additional bonus points.

SERR Synergy’s learnerships and skills development programmes have been found to improve SDL refunds, boost cash flow and profit, and ensure a more motivated and productive workforce. These programmes also help make it easier for learners to gain new skills essential for their specific industry or work. Completion of these learnership programmes allows learners formal qualifications registered with the National Qualifications Framework or NQF.

Moreover, these learnership and course offerings are up-to-date and results-based utilizing relevant learning materials. SERR Synergy’s training approach includes a combination of training methods that include classroom-style and online training courses to accommodate learners who require a degree of flexibility as they undergo training whether at home or work.

Here are some of the learnership programmes SERR Synergy is currently offering:

  • Business Administration Services – National Certificate
  • Wholesale and Retail Operations – National Certificate
  • Metal and Engineering Manufacturing Process – National Certificate
  • Accounting Technician – Certificate (online)
  • Information Technology – End User Computing – National Certificate
  • Automotive Components – Manufacturing and Assembly

What are the requirements?

SERR Synergy also accepts individual applicants who meet the following basic requirements:

  • At a Grade 12 graduate
  • With a valid South African ID
  • Preferably a resident of Pretoria, Johannesburg or Durban

How do I apply?

To apply for a SERR Synergy learnership programme, click on the link and fill out the online form.

Application Deadline?

No specific deadline for submission of applications has been set. However, applications may only be accepted depending on the availability of the learnership programme being applied for.

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