CSIR Bursaries 2015 (Various study fields)

Are you a university student studying towards a degree in any of the science fields listed below? A matric/grade 12 learner planning on taking up any of the science studies listed below in 2015? Are you eager to have your studies in 2015 funded by one of the CSIR 2015 Bursaries? The CSIR is offering both post-graduate and undergraduate bursaries to deserving students/learners who are performing above average in their studies, you have to obtain an average of at least 65% in your studies. If your average is below 65%, you do not qualify.

Which qualifications will the CSIR 2015 Bursary Programme cover?

Undergraduate: You have to be studying or planning to study towards a a Bsc OR BEng  in any of the following fields:

*BSc/BEng undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the information and communication technologies fields:

  • Electronic
  • Software
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Systems
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Information Technology
  • Remote Sensing

Areas of Interest include: Speech analytics (audio and text), Wireless technologies, High Performance computing, Hybrid broadcasting and broadband technologies, Software development, Mobile applications, Data Science and Visualisation, Sensor Networks.

*BSc/BEng undergraduate studies in the built environment fields:

  • Civil
  • Architecture
  • Geo Information Systems(GIS)
  • Construction Management
  • Mathematics
  • Oceanography
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical

*BSc/BEng undergraduate studies in the natural resources and the environmental sciences fields:

  • Chemical Engineering (BTech or BEng) (fourth year)
  • Meteorology/ Climatology (Applied Mathematics/ Physics/ Mathematical Statistics provided with interest in Climatology & the environmental sciences) (third year)
  • Chemistry (fourth year)

*BSc/BEng undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the defence and security fields:

  • Electronic
  • Electrical (light current)
  • Mechanical
  • Aeronautical
  • Industrial
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biomedical Engineering

*BSc/BEng undergraduate studies in the information security fields:

  • Applied Mathematics (physics) (first year)
  • Mechanical Engineering (first year)
  • Computer Science (third or fourth year)
  • Computer Engineering (third or fourth year)

*BSc/BEng postgraduate studies in the natural resources and the environmental sciences fields:

  • Chemistry
  • Meteorology/Climatology (Applied Mathematics/ Physics/ Mathematical Statistics provided with interest in Climatology & the environmental sciences)
  • Geography and Environmental Management with a focus on Waste management

What is covered in the CSIR 2015 Bursary?

The bursary is a comprehensive bursary which will pay for your registration fees, tuition fees, books, food, computer and other related expenses.

How to apply for a CSIR Bursary?

To apply for this bursary you must have the following ready:

  • An updated CV, a certified copy of your ID document, and your latest results – all should be scanned.
  • Remember that you must be a South African citizen who will be enrolled for any of the qualifications above at a South African University in 201.

TO APPLY CLICK HERE OR, if you prefer applying manually, send an email to bursaryprogramme@csir.co.za requesting a manual application form.

CLOSING DATE: 15 September 2014.


Should you not here from CSIR by 31 October 2014 please accept that your application was unsuccessful. If you have any questions about this bursary programme kindly contact the CSIR Bursaries department at recruitmentqueries@csir.co.za (do not send your applications to this email address, you must apply online at the link above.)

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2015 Anglo American Bursaries

South African mining giant, Anglo American, is inviting applications from current and prospective students for its bursary programme for the 2015 academic year offered by its Coal South Africa business. The Anglo American bursary is a comprehensive bursary and will cover tuition, residents and books among other necessities for the full duration of studies provided the bursary holder is also performing to the satisfaction of the bursary funder (Anglo American).

Which study areas are considered for the Anglo American Bursary Programme in 2015?

The following study areas will be given preference as they represent the core business of Anglo American:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Survey
  • Environment
  • Rock
  • Mining

What are the requirements?

  • You have to have achieved a Grade 12/ Matric pass with Pure Maths and Physical Science with a minimum of Level 5. If you are currently in Matric, you have to be writing to achieve the aforementioned requirements

How to apply for the Anglo American Bursary for 2015?

There are no physical application forms to be filled in. The application process takes place entirely online.

TO APPLY CLICK HERE (You will have to register for an account on the destination page)

CLOSING DATE: 31 May 2014

**If you have not been contacted by 6 July 2014, accept that your application was unsuccessful.

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Entersekt South Africa 2015 Software Development Bursaries

Entersekt South  Africa is currently inviting applications for software development bursaries for students who have successfully competed their 1st year of study at university with a degree in computer science or engineering with a a focus on software development.

What are the requirements?

To be considered for the Entersekt South  Africa Software Development Bursary opportunity for 2015, you have to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must have successfully completed 1st in a Computer Science / Engineering degree focused on Software Development;
  • Must have completed some software development projects;
  • Must be willing to work for Entersekt South  Africa on completion of studies, for a period equivalent to the years of study funded.

How to apply?

To get more information on how to apply and to apply now, CLICK HERE.

Should you need a Project Portfolio to go with your application, click here to download it.

Closing Date: 31 August 2014.

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