The Sasol Bursary for 2013

The Sasol bursary is one of South Africa’s long running bursary schemes in the fields of science, engineering, commerce and maths. The online application process for this bursary is now open and will run until 29 February 2012 for 2013 tuition. There are no application forms to download and fill-in, the entire process is online at the Sasol Bursaries website: .

The fields of study covered by the Sasol Bursary in 2013

B Eng or BSc Engineering



B Sc

Chemistry (Masters compulsory)
Geology (Hons compulsory)
Metallurgy (Hons compulsory)

B Com

Logistics (Hons compulsory)
Informatics (Hons compulsory)
Procurement & Supply (Hons compulsory)
Accounting/ BBscience CA Stream (CTA, PGDA compulsory)

What does the Sasol Bursary pay for?

According to Sasol, the bursary is a comprehensive bursary which includes the following:

  • 100% of the prescribed university tuition fees, registration fees and exams fees.
  • An amount equal to the average rate for accommodation in a single room at a university hostel at the university at which the Sasol bursar is studying. This rate is determined by Sasol in conjunction with the university.
  • An amount for meals based on three meals per day as determined by the university.
  • An amount of approximately R8000,00 per annum, towards book and pocket money.

Where can I apply and get more information about the Sasol Bursary?

To apply for the Sasol Bursary scheme or to get more information visit their website by clicking here. If you do not have access to a computer or internet cafe please contact the Sasol Bursary Application Helpline at 086 010 6235.


The application process is online and the closing date is: 29 February 2012


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  1. i have grade 12 with waths and science,computer literacy(icdl) and code 10+pdp. I want to know about learnerships program and i can be contacted at any time.

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