Engen Bursaries 2013 South Africa

One of South Africa’s oldest oil companies, Engen, is inviting academically deserving students who are also financially needy (those who can’t afford to put themselves through university) to apply for their bursary for funding starting in 2013.

Requirements of the Engen Bursary in 2013

Bursaries will be awarded ONLY to students who will be either in their first year or second year in university. Bursaries will be awarded high achievers (academically), who are South African citizens. For those students who are already in university, high performance is required – a minimum of 65% average achievement in your current subjects (Advice from the Bursary Bin: Those who aim average get average opportunities, aim for 100% you may just get 95% and who know what that may do to your chances of getting this bursary). The Engen bursary programme is open to South Africans of all economic backgrounds, but preference will be given to those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Fields of study required for the Engen Bursary

Your application will only be considered if you want to study or are already studying (max: 2nd Year in 2013) towards any of the following qualifications:

  • BCom Accounting
  • BCom Information Systems
  • BSc Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Electronics
  • Diploma in packaging

How to apply for the Engen Bursary 2013?

First things, first: applications into the Engen Bursary programme for study in 2013 will no longer be accepted after the closing date of 29 June 2012.

To APPLY Forward a brief CV with a copy of all results and/or certificates to:

The Engen Bursary Department and quote Ref. No. BUR0003
Fax: 021 403 5921 or Email: bursaries@engenoil.com

NOTE FROM ENGEN: If you have NOT heard back from them on 31 August 2012, know that your application was unsuccessful. Engen request you to not contact them to follow-up on your application. They also want you to know that they reserve the right to award the bursaries.

All the best of luck from the Bursary Bin.

4 Replies to “Engen Bursaries 2013 South Africa”

  1. I applied for a bursary last year and recieved a call asking me about what i applied to study which is Bsc mechanical engineering,and i was told that they will call me for an interview,but they did not.i have been accepted at the institutions now but i don’t have a financial aid.please help prior to registration.ENGEN IS MY ONLY HOPE NOW.

    1. Hi Lindokuhle, please call this number (it is Engen’s switchboard and ask for their Bursary Department): 021 403 4911. Also try writing to their bursaries department by email or fax, these are the details: Fax: 021 403 5921 or Email: bursaries@engenoil.com.

      However if Engen cant help you please visit the university you applied to and explain your situation to their financial aid office. If you are not getting any help, email us at editor@bursarybin.com

  2. I applied for the bursary but I guess it was unsuccessful . I’ve passed my matric with good marks. I also wanted to be part of ENGEN .At the moment I’m doing Pre tech in mechanical engineering due to that I never did drawing at school. If I pass this 6 months course I’ll start my first year by June . My concern is that academically I believe Engen can help me further my studies. My maths ,physics ,English and the other 7 subject are outstanding . I’ll remain optimistic that Engen will help me out.

  3. I applied for a leadership course at engen in march.The HR told me to apply for bursary to studied in 2014..i was away in india doing missionary work in the routine villages.i dont know when the operning dates are to start applying for the leadership and the bursary.

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