Steinmüller Africa opportunities 2013/ 2014

Graduates and In-service-training students who want to pursue a career while contributing to some of the most dynamic industries in the country join Steinmüller Africa!

If you are self-driven, motivated to succeed, have good technical & analytical abilities and sound interpersonal skills, you are a prime candidate for the following programmes:

  • Mechanical Engineering Graduates (B.Eng. & B.Sc)
  • Mechanical Engineering P1 & P2 In-service-training for National Diploma students
  • Quantity Surveying Trainees (B.Tech. and B.Sc.)

 What we offer:

Competitive remuneration and benefits, good promotional opportunities, exposure and career options. Our structured development programme will expose you to construction and manufacturing projects where you will gain valuable work experience and competence.


  • Mechanical Engineering students (B.Eng. & B.Sc)
  • Quantity Surveying students (B.Tech. and B.Sc.)

 What we offer:

Financial assistance for tuition fees, books and a monthly allowance for accommodation and subsistence. After your full-time studies you will be automatically eligible for our graduate programme.

Vacation work

What we offer:

Vacation work opportunities for various fields of study as and when required for various fields of study:

  • Business Management & Administration;
  • Marketing;
  • Corporate Communication;
  • IT;
  • HR;
  • Procurement;
  • Logistics;
  • Contracts Law;
  • Project Management; and
  • Industrial Engineering (specifically planning).

How to apply?

Send the following on to the below mentioned e-mail address:

  • CV;
  • Most recent academic record;
  • Matric results; and
  • ID.


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