SAB Sales Trainee

South African Breweries is currently recruiting a trainee sales representative.
The Trainee Sales Representative is a development position toward an Account Manager position. In their training period they will be responsible for allocated customers and for the completion of their PAT Project. Their placement into an Account Manager will be subject to vacancies being available.
Competence Requirements
  • Minimum relevant 3 year tertiary qualification;
  • Valid Code 8 drivers license # unendorsed;
  • No alcohol related health problems;
  • Basic knowledge of PC;
  • Persuasiveness and well developed selling ability;
  • Excellent verbal ability and communication skills.
  • Sound interpersonal skills, creativity and ability to mix with other people.
  • Ability to manage self and territory;
  • Strong achievement orientation;
  • Potential to become an Account Manager in the future.

Output and Accountabilities/ Duties

  • Achieve pre-determined sales/brands and market share targets;
  • Influence liquor retail pricing within segments;
  • Maintain stock levels within segments;
  • Service outlets;
  • Develop sound business relationships;
  • Maintain customer call rate as per SAB tailored service packages sector;
  • Conduct regular account reviews;
  • Provide merchandising support;
  • Handle Customer and Consumer complaints and queries;
  • Manage product quality in relation to SAB quality standards;
  • Manage sales administration;
  • Compile daily / weekly reports;
  • Determine pre-call planning objectives;
  • Manage B.T.L. placements;
  • Conduct personal sec audits;
  • Develop sound customer relationships

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