Win a NEW Kia Rio with JustPlay (Draw in 5 days (HURRY, Entry is FREE))

Imagine driving away in a cool new Kia Rio. Imagine that you actually paid zero Rands for the car. Imagine the car is registered in your name. NOW, imagine that all that I have asked you to imagine is possible. Actually, stop imagining. You could win a Brand New Kia Rio worth R200,000 from South Africa’s number one free competitions website, JustPlay.

What’s the catch? Is this a scam?

No this is not a scam. Actually, hundreds of real people have won prizes with JustPlay, click here to see the winners. What is the catch then? You ask. There is none; however, you will be helping JustPlay in market research. In other words you will be required to fill-out a little survey before you can enter a competition.

You help JustPlay in market research, they enter you in a draw to win a car. It’s that easy. No hassles, no scams, no payments – it is 100% free to enter.

Enter by clicking here now or the JustPlay image below.

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