BDO Accountancy Bursaries 2017

BDO’s Auditing Department in Johannesburg is inviting applications into it’s CA/Auditing bursary for 2016 from matriculants and current students. The applications close on 31 October 2016.

Bursaries are financial assistance given to students for further study for either degree, post graduate studies or both. Bursaries are awarded on a financial needs basis and are linked to satisfactory academic achievements with a solid academic track record at school and/or university.

Students who are awarded a bursary are required to serve a training contract with the specific office who awarded the bursary on completion of their studies. Bursaries have conditions attached to them and once students have completed their studies, students will have to work for a period of three years.

BDO’s amount of money can be for that of a full bursary or that of a half bursary. Our bursaries do not cover all study expenses and only covers registration fees, tuition fees and books for each year of study. Students have to therefore be prepared to meet some of the costs.

Bursary applicants should meet the following criteria:

NOT be signed with any other professional services firm to complete a training contract;
NOT be in possession of a bursary / scholarship / financial assistance award which has employment obligations or post training contract employment obligations;
Be planning to study towards a Chartered Accountancy qualification (learners/scholars);
Commitment to study towards a Chartered Accountancy qualification with majors in accounting and auditing;
Be studying at a university which offers South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ (SAICA) accredited programmes through to Honours / CTA level.

To be considered for a Bursary, you will need to meet the following selection criteria:

Minimum “B” in Maths higher grade and minimum “B” in English higher grade either 1st or 2nd language; and an overall average of 70% or higher in the final grade 12 or equivalent results.

University students:
70% or more in Accounts I
70% or more in Accounts II
65% or more in Accounts III

To apply for for the BDO Accountancy Bursaries for 2017 CLICK HERE

Closing date: 30 October 2016

*If you wish to be considered for this position please include: a 2 page CV; Academic transcripts (from Matric to your most current results); and copy of your ID document in your application

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