Starke Ayres 2018 Bursaries

Starke Ayres, Africa’s leading seed supplier and member of the Plennegy Group, is inviting applications for its 2018 Bursaries from students studying towards various agriculture related bursaries. Starke Ayres’s bursary programme aims to harness outstanding achievers at tertiary levels into our fold of growing talent, by offering the participant financial aid for studies. The bursaries

Omnia Fertilizer 2015 Agriculture Bursaries

Omnia Agriculture’s Fertilizer division is inviting applications for its agriculture bursaries for students currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Agriculture. South African students intending to continue studying towards a BSc Agriculture Degree at a South African university in 2015 can apply for an Omnia Agriculture bursaries. What are the requirements? Be